Who’s Molly Mae?

People often ask us who Molly Mae is, and she is a combination of our daughter’s names. 'Molly' is Stacey's daughter, now aged 13 and 'Rosa Mae' is Jude's daughter who is now 14.

After graduating with design degrees, Stacey had a coffee shop where she sold her hand made cards, while Jude worked as a graphic designer at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, designing booklets, posters and digital media. We launched Molly Mae in 2009, our aim was to create cards using original images, designed around hand drawings and incorporating quirky and retro patterns in contemporary colours.

After working from home for several years we are lucky to now have a wonderful studio, on a farm in rural Leicestershire, where our small team of working Mums are based.

Victoria Hawley
Victoria is our Sales and Studio manager. She joined us last year to look after our existing customers and look for new opportunities. She keeps things shipshape at the studio and is a great new asset to the team. Out of work, Victoria likes to keep active and loves anything creative. She dabbles in crochet at her happiest under a pile of gift wrap and ribbon.

Denise Firth
Denise manages customer accounts and order processing in our warehouse. She joined us in 2011, she’s super quick and efficient. She knows all our customers and products like the back of her hand. Out of work she enjoys dancing and baking, you may have seen her cakes posted on our facebook page! She is mum to Thomas.

Pat Linnell
Pat (Stacey’s mum) is our main card glitterer, she comes in weekly to drop off and pick a huge quantity of cards! She is helped by our other home workers, Janet, Debbie, Emily and Susan.

Stacey Barthorpe & Jude Kenney
As Designer/Directors of Molly Mae limited, Stacey and Jude enjoy creating new products together and manage the business.

Whether at work or home, Stacey lives life in the fast lane! With three children aged between 22 and 13 she spends most of her time running them from one activity to another and generally has a house full of children/teenagers! Stacey loves to run or walk her dog Stan, over the fields. She is passionate about art and interiors. Stacey is Mum to Ellis, Joe & Molly.

After a busy week in the studio, Jude enjoys getting away at weekends, it doesn't have to be far from home, visiting her family in Lincolnshire or anywhere you can park a campervan! She is mum to Rosa and Otis.

If there is anything we can do to help, please get in touch. The studio is open Monday to Friday 9am until 5pm and would be happy to hear from you by phone or email.



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